Styleguit: wedding guests

Outfit inspiration for wedding guests

The wedding season is in full swing. Do you still have no idea what you want to wear? Or do you still need a last minute outfit? We are happy to help.
We have put together the most beautiful dresses of the season for you, in which you will definitely cut a good figure!

Tips & trends for the perfect outfit

In the La Strada Collection for wedding guests you will definitely find a stylish dress or a chic two -piece for this festive occasion. Whether you are invited to a classic wedding or a theme wedding, you will find the perfect style for an elegant look.
Our selection of clothes is available in many different colors, from delicate pastel tones to strong colors. Or you can choose a jumpsuit with playful prints, a blouse with puffy sleeves with fashionable trousers or a chic suit.

In this style guide we will give you some tips and suggestions on how to be stylishly and adequately dressed as a wedding guest and which trends in wedding fashion are the order of the day.

Holiday feeling

wedding on the beach

The clothes for a beach & sea wedding should be comfortable and summery above all.
It is therefore best to wear an airy summer dress that is knee or soil long. Colors such as blue, turquoise or coral go very well with the motto. An overall or a jumpsuit in bright, fresh colors is also a good choice. But it is also important that you pay attention to a good fit so that your clothes are not too tight or too far.

Sandals, espadrilles or light sneakers are particularly suitable as shoes. High heels are not a good choice due to the sandy soil, even if they look very good for a pencil dress.

In addition to the right clothing, accessories should also be observed. Sunglasses, a hat or a silk scarf can round off your outfit perfectly and underline your vacation feeling. Even a small bag or an accessory in mussel look or the like can be a great highlight.

Outdoor wedding

Boho wedding

For a wedding in Boho-Chic, we recommend airy and light clothing. A flowing maxi dress in bright colors and romantic prints is an absolute must. Your look will give your look an ethno inspired note and you will be the perfect gaetine.

You can also choose a combination of tunic and pants to vary your style a little. A two-part in boho-style, with wide legs and deep neckline, will also be perfectly rounded off your look.

Don't forget to spice up your outfit with trendy accessories, such as a boho bag, strappy sandals or your favorite chain. Do not do any compulsion when it comes to accessories, because Boho fashion is known for going beyond the borders.

Be stylish and comfortable at the same time and enjoy this special day outdoors, surrounded by friends and a happy atmosphere. Then it will be an unforgettable day!

Floral wedding

Roses, sunflowers and Co.

A floral wedding with the motto "Roses, sunflowers & Co." promises to be a happy and colorful celebration. It is best to wear a dress or a two -part in colors that match the flowers. At a floral wedding, you can be a little braver and, for example, choose a dress with a flower pattern or spice up your outfit with a flower accessory. However, make sure that you do not go down too much in the sea of ​​flower.

You should also make sure that you do not stand out too much with your outfit and distract the attention from the bride and groom. Therefore, wear subtle make-up and jewelry as well as a hairstyle that fits your outfit. Choose a handbag or jewelry with flower motifs to round off the outfit. You can also perfect your overall outfit.

A floral wedding gives you the opportunity to dress colorful and happy. Take this opportunity and walk to the wedding in the right outfit to celebrate the bride and groom on your special day.

Colorful wedding

Dress in your favorite colors

The motto "Your favorite colors" is really a great motto to give your outfit an individual touch - because it leaves so much scope for creativity and individuality. Let yourself be inspired by your favorite color and install it in your look.

If you want to wear your favorite colors, there are many ways to incorporate them into your outfit without being inappropriate. One possibility is to limit yourself to a splash of color, while the rest of your outfit remains neutral. For example, you can wear a pink dress that combine with black shoes and a black clutch.

Overall, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your outfit and do not feel disguised. Choose clothes that correspond to your personality and style and in which you feel elegant and comfortable at the same time. So you will shine on this wonderful day!

Classic wedding

Love engaged married

If you are invited to a classic wedding, it is important as a gaetnia to be dressed appropriately and to present yourself to the occasion accordingly.

The choice of outfit depends primarily on the type of wedding. If it is a church wedding, an elegant, floor -length dress in subtle color is a good choice. The outfit can be a little more casual for a civil wedding. A knee -length dress or a trouser suit with a blazer in covered colors looks stylish, but not too excited.

As a gnato at a classic wedding, you should make sure that your outfit is not too provocative or too extravagant. The bride and groom are the focus on this day and their outfit should not compete with that of the bride. Therefore, choose subtle accessories and jewelry to round off the outfit.