Crossbody bags from La Strada

Our collection of Italian crossbody bags includes a variety of styles and designs that range from classic to trendy. From elegant leather bags to casual canvas bags to functional nylon bags-we have everything you need for every occasion.

Discover our selection of crossbody bags for various occasions. For a day in the city or a shopping spree, we recommend our small and medium -sized crossbody bags that offer enough space for your essentials and at the same time upgrade your look.

If you are looking for a fancer look, our crossbody bags made of leather are the perfect choice. With your high -quality materials and refined details, you are ideal for formal occasions, business meetings or evening events.

For a casual, yet trendy look we also offer crossbody bags from canvas or nylon. They are not only light and hard-wearing, but also perfect for outdoor activities, travel or daily use.

Regardless of whether you choose a classic, elegant or casual look, our Italian crossbody bags will help you to express your personal style and complete your look.

Discover our selection of Italian crossbody bags now and be enchanted by the beauty and quality of the Italian pocket craft. With La Strada Are you always ready to go through the day in a stylish and organized manner.