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Evening looks

The evening looks of La Strada offer a wide selection of options to meet the personal taste and style of every customer. Presented from classic and timeless designs to modern and unusual pieces La Strada A variety of evening outfits.

Animal Print

Give your look a wild and fashionable note with our trendy animal print pieces! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of animal patterns and discover a versatile selection of clothing and accessories that are inspired by the beauty and charisma of nature.


Basics of La Strada offer a wide range of options to meet the individual style of every customer. From simple T-shirts and tops to classic pants and skirts to sweaters and cardigans, the range includes a variety of clothing for everyday life.


The batik pattern in the collection of La Strada are diverse and range from subtle and abstract designs to living and strong patterns. The colors are carefully selected to create a harmonious and aesthetically appealing composition.

Flower pattern

The lively and colorful flower patterns give your outfits a fresh and happy note. Regardless of whether you prefer a subtle and tender flower pattern or a lively and striking design, our collection offers a wide selection.

Boho wedding

The Boho-Chic wedding looks are characterized by their relaxed and at the same time refined style. The dresses are mostly made of light and flowing fabrics that convey a natural elegance and feel comfortable on the skin.

Colorful summer pants

The colorful summer pants offer you a varied selection of models that are perfect for the warm days. Whether plain trousers in bright tones or pants with striking patterns - here you will find the perfect trousers.

Business looks

The collection includes classic and timeless clothes that guarantee a professional and well -kept appearance. This includes elegant bunches that score with a flattering fit and style.


The collection offers you various cuts and washes so that you can find the perfect "destroyed" jeans for your personal taste. Whether skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, bright washes or dark colors.

Tight skirts

The narrow skirts are characterized by their fitting -close fit, which emphasizes their silhouette and stages its curves. This cut gives the skirt a sensual and flattering charisma and ensures a stylish and seductive look.

Colorful wedding

The collection contains a variety of clothes that are decorated with lively colors and playful patterns. From bright pink to lively turquoise to bright yellow - the color palette is diverse and makes every piece of clothing a real eye -catcher.

Floral wedding looks

The clothes and accessories in this collection can be combined in many ways and offer numerous ways to express your style. You can combine the floral dresses with suitable bags and handbags to create a harmonious look.

Geometric pattern

Geometric patterns are a stylish choice for women who are looking for a fashionable and contemporary look. These patterns are characterized by clear lines, symmetrical shapes and abstract designs that convey an avant -garde charm.

Trailer dress 

The trailer dress is a timeless classic that is up to date every season and can easily be integrated into different looks. Whether on the beach, a walk in the city or at a relaxing dinner - a trailer dress is always the right choice.

wedding on the beach

The dresses are available in different cuts, from airy maxi dresses with delicate decorations to romantic midi dresses with simple details. The dresses give you an adorable look that fits perfectly with the relaxed ambience of a beach wedding.

Wedding guests

The "Outfits for Wedding guests" collection is characterized by their versatile styles and designs. The clothing is suitable for both formal and informal weddings and offers you numerous ways to express your personal style.

new hits 

Discover a fresh and exciting selection of summer fashion. La Strada is known for its stylish and fashionable approach, which corresponds to the current trends and supports women in making themselves confident and elegant in the warm season.

Summer pattern

The "summer patterns" are a fashion choice for women who are looking for a fresh and trendy look. The clothing is provided with lively patterns, including floral prints, geometric shapes, exotic animal prints or abstract designs.

Summer shoes 

Prepare yourself for the summer and discover the perfect selection of shoes that complete your summer look! Our collection includes a wide range of shoe styles that were specially developed outdoors for warm days and relaxed hours.

Two -part

Discover an exclusive selection of suitable sets for women who prefer a demanding and fashionable style. These uniform ensembles consist of tops and divides, which are perfectly coordinated and create an elegant and coordinated look.


Whether you prefer a formal look or a somewhat more casual style, pants suits offer you the opportunity to vary your look. You can wear the blazer and pants separately and combine them with other clothing to create different outfits.

Now in a trend

The Design Ssder collection are modern and expressive. They reflect the current fashion trends, be it through the use of certain colors, patterns or through innovative details and decorations. The collection offers a variety of looks that enable a trendy outfit.

Classic wedding

The dresses in this collection are characterized by classic cuts and subtle details. From long, flowing evening dresses to charming case doctors, they radiate timeless beauty and give them an adorable look that fits perfectly with the wedding.


Immerse yourself in the world of linen fashion from La Strada. Linen is a natural, breathable and light fabric that is valued for its cooling properties. The clothing from linen from La Strada Are perfect for warm days because they are pleasant and airy.

Leo pattern

The collection includes a variety of clothing that are decorated with the Leo pattern. From blouses and clothes to accessories - the possibilities of wearing this pattern are diverse. The Leo pattern is extremely versatile and can easily be integrated into different styles.

Maxi Pieces

The Maxi Pieces include a variety of maxi skirts and maxi dresses, which give them a glamorous charisma. These items of clothing are characterized by their long and flowing silhouettes and create an elegant look that emphasizes their femininity.


The collection offers you a wide range of patterns, from subtle and subtle designs to living and striking creations. You have the option of selecting the pattern that best suits your personal style and the respective mood.

Summer accessories

The accessories for summer are made of high -quality materials and bring them stylishly through the warm season. You can spice up your wardrobe with the versatile and elegant accessories and give your look that certain something.

Mountain vacation

With comfortable clothes, pants, tops and accessories, you can enjoy your vacation in the mountains to the fullest and not do without style and comfort. Experience the beauty of this collection and find your favorites for an unforgettable and relaxing vacation in the mountains.

Summer colors 

The collection brings the energy and joy of the summer to its wardrobe. The clothing is kept in colors such as lively red, bright orange, strong pink, rich turquoise or fresh green. These colors exude a positive and lively atmosphere.

City trip

The "City Trip" collection is specifically designed to offer you a fashionable and comfortable outfit for your city exploration. The clothing and shoes are characterized by their casual, yet stylish look, which fits seamlessly into the urban ambience.

Beach vacation

The "beach vacation" collection includes airy and light clothing that offer you a pleasant wearing comfort in warm weather. From light summer dresses and loose blouses to comfortable shorts and skirts. You can find all must-havees here.

Ornaments and baroque patterns

The comfortable dresses are decorated with artistic ornaments and baroque patterns that give an elegant and appealing appearance. From maxi dresses with baroque decorations to midi dresses with filigree ornaments

Palazzo pants

The palazzo pants are characterized by their wide, flowing shape. The cut is loose and airy, making the pants a pleasant freedom of movement and a relaxed fit. What makes Palazzo pants special is their ability to combine elegance and comfort.


The tops are made of high -quality materials and offer you a comfortable fit. Whether for everyday life, special occasions or leisure activities - with the tops with prints you can vary your look and give your outfit a personal touch.

Summer dresses

The summer dresses are perfectly tailored to the needs of the warm season. They are made of light materials that are airy and pleasant on the skin. Each dress was designed with attention to detail in order to offer optimal wearing comfort and a flattering fit.

Summer rope

Our designs impress with their light materials and fine knitting patterns that radiate both elegance and nonchalance. The collection includes various tops, such as sweaters and cardigans that are perfect for summer days.

Beach dress 

These clothes are characterized by their versatile styles, which enable both relaxed and elegant looks. Many of the beach dresses have seductive excerpts, such as deep V-excerpts or shoulder-free designs that emphasize their neck and shoulders.

Step dress 

Step dresses are characterized by their multi -layered structure, in which each layer is narrower than the one below. This special cut creates a flowing and airy movement that gives the dress a romantic and playful look.


The collection is characterized by its cozy and stylish character. The clothing is made of soft and pleasant fabrics that offer you a relaxed wearing feeling. The comfortable dresses in this collection are ideal for cozy days at home on the balcony or in the garden.


The collection is characterized by its refined, yet comfortable character. The clothing is made of high -quality and pleasant fabrics that offer you a luxurious feeling of wearing. The comfortable dresses in this collection are ideal for the relaxed days on board.


The carrier dresses are extremely versatile and can be worn on various occasions. They are characterized by their shoulder -free shape, in which the carriers emphasize the cleavage and create an open back. This cut gives the dress a slight and airy appearance.

Trend color green

The clothing in this collection ranges from elegant clothes to casual tops and pants that give you a trendy look. The shoes offer you different styles, from elegant sandals to comfortable espadrilles that perfectly round off your look.


The tunics of La Strada are versatile clothing that are ideal for different occasions. They can be worn in everyday life and more formal events. They can be easily combined with jeans, leggings or narrow pants.

Wide skirts

The wide skirts are characterized by their loosely falling cut. This cut gives the skirt a light and feminine charisma and ensures a stylish and comfortable look. Wide skirts are extremely versatile and can be worn on various occasions.

Swing dresses

These clothes are characterized by their figure-hugging, tailored fit in the top and an exhibited skirt that swings in an elegant A-line. The result is a feminine and playful design that creates a wonderfully flowing movement when walking.


These pants are characterized by their lively prints, which range from abstract designs to floral patterns to geometric patterns. Printoses offer you the opportunity to express your personality and add a fashionable shade to your outfit.

Transitional jack

The variety of transition jackets in the collection of La Strada ranges from classic leather jackets to sporty bomber jackets and casual denim jackets. They not only offer protection against light cold, but also give their outfit a stylish touch. Let yourself be inspired!

Leisure dresses

The variety of leisure clothes in the collection of La Strada ranges from simple jersey dresses to airy maxi dresses. They are often designed with relaxed prints, light fabrics and practical details that underline the casual character of these clothing.


Bund folds are known for their classic silhouette with wrinkles on the waist, which offer an elegant fit and an appealing look. They are perfectly suitable for leaving an elegant impression in business environments or on formal occasions.


Pantsuits offer you versatile styling options and can be worn in the office and on formal occasions. They give them an elegant charisma and ensure that they present themselves confidently and confidently.


Strip patterns are versatile, classic and never out of fashion. In this collection you will find mainly striped tops that give your look a fresh touch. From simple T-shirts to elegant blouses, striped tops offer a wide selection.


Discover the sophistication and versatility of the short jackets. These are slightly waisted, narrowly cut jackets that normally extend to the waist or briefly below. These jackets are a stylish addition to your wardrobe and can be worn all year round.

Satin dresses

Experience the luxury and elegance of satin dresses. Satin is a shiny, soft material that is known for its noble look and comfortable wearing comfort. Satin dresses are a wonderful choice for special occasions where you want to shine in stylish elegance.


Autumn dresses are perfect for moderate weather conditions. They offer enough warmth to protect against the cool temperatures of autumn, but are not as difficult as winter clothing. This makes them ideal for walks in autumn leaves or excursions to the city.

Long sweater

Long sweaters are a great choice for cold days. They offer additional warmth and are ideal to cuddle comfortably on cold days. Since they are longer, they offer more cover and can be worn with pants and tights or leggings.

Evening dresses

The evening dresses of La Strada Convince with a variety of cuts that flatter every silhouette. From figure-hugging etuic leader to A-line cuts to flowing maxi dresses-here you will find the perfect dress for your individual style.

Casual looks

With their timeless style, our casual looks fit on different occasions and seasons. Whether you are looking for a relaxed weekend look, a relaxed office style or a casual evening look - our collection offers you the right choice to express your style.

Elegant coats

The range of elegant coats in the collection includes various styles, from classic trench coats to timeless duffle coats. Regardless of whether you are looking for a chic coat for formal occasions or a versatile everyday companion, you will find the right model here.

Elegant autumn

There is hardly a piece of clothing in the world of fashion that is as indispensable as an elegant coat. Elegant coats embody timeless elegance, class and style in their purest form. They are not only functional and warming, but also an expression of personality and refined fashion.


Prepare to experience the festive season with style and elegance, because our selection of clothing for the festive season of La Strada leaves no wish unfulfilled. Discover chic dresses, enchanting skirts and sparkling glitter overheses, for festive occasions.


Glitzer gives every outfit a special charisma and conjures up a luxurious note. Whether for festive occasions, a glamorous evening or just to spice up your everyday look - with glitter clothing you set a statement and attract everyone's attention.

Gold, silver & metallic

Invest in timeless elegance and stylish sophistication with our collection of gold, silver & metallic La Strada Fashion. Discover the beauty and glory of Italian fashion today and be enchanted by our incomparable style.

Long skirts

The Long skirts collection of La Strada is designed so that it flatters different styles and figure types. From A-line cuts to figure-hugging silhouettes, there are a variety of options that help to underline every woman's individual beauty.


Leather is a timeless classic that never gets out of fashion and gives you a noble and striking look. It is durable, versatile and gives every outfit an upscale note. Whether for a casual look or an elegant appearance-with leather fashion you set a fashion statement.

Light jackets

The light jackets of La Strada offer an ideal balance between comfort and style. They are made of high -quality materials that ensure a pleasant fit and freedom of movement. Due to their light weight, they are perfect for the transitional times.


Each piece was carefully selected to meet the highest demands of quality, comfort and style. From soft, luxurious fabrics to refined cuts and details - our loungewear is an expression of elegance and relaxation at the same time.

Tunic dresses

Tunic dresses are extremely versatile and can be worn on various occasions. They are inspired by traditional tunics and are characterized by their relaxed cut and their comfortable fit. They are perfect for warm days and radiate a casual elegance.

Winter jackets & coats

For more formal occasions and festive moments, the collection of La Strada A selection of elegant winter coats. Whether in timeless black, warm earth tones or striking colors - these coats give every outfit an upscale note.