Summer 2023

Ready to wear! We ring in the summer of 2023! The new La Strada Collection presents the most beautiful fashion trends from Italy. Our selection of clothes, jumpsuits and two -parters is available in many colors, from delicate pastel shades to strong colors.

To the looks

Small dresses

Time is just great!

Linen-Piece for the summer of 2023

The uncomplicated portability of the jumpsuit is optimally vertical due to the versatility and robustness of the lines. It is modern and casually cut, has an airy -cut top with a cord strain on the hip and just cut pants legs. Through this cut it flatters the figure and is super universal to style

Maxic dresses don't need a big styling, they are styling

Flower dresses

No matter whether playful, romantic or in a cool style: flower dresses are an absolute must-have also in the summer of 2023.

Point all-over!

Discover glamorous maxi skirts and extraordinary maxi dresses from Italy!