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Autumn Lookbook 2023

Leather look

The leaves fall, the temperatures fall, and we proudly present our latest autumn collection, which is perfectly prepared for the cooler days. This season is all about cosiness, style and a touch of wildness. That is why you will find a selection of soft knit, fine pleated blind and cool leather paired with exciting prints.

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Braided details


We present leather jackets in different cuts, colors and textures that reinterpret the traditional aesthetics. From bold, modern silhouettes to classic designs with contemporary details, we offer a selection that is suitable for every taste and personality.

Guarantees an eye -catcher

Leather coat

Leather coats are a timeless symbol of elegance and class. Your simple beauty and flattering silhouette make you an indispensable part of every wardrobe. But our vegan leather coats also go - they not only embody timeless style, but also a contemporary ethics.

Feminin & Classy

Contrast and balance

Leather jackets radiate strength, robustness and a certain level of roughness, while tulle skirts convey an airy and feminine elegance through their delicate, transparent layers. The combination of these two elements creates an attractive contrast that attracts the eye. These opposites complement each other and give the outfit a balanced harmony.

Style inspiration