Autumn collection 2023

Cozy Herbst Looks

Let yourself be inspired by our collection and discover how you can dress warm and stylish in this autumn season. The autumn 2023 not only promises a colorful leaf splendor, but also a fashionable variety that lifts its wardrobe to the next level. Welcome to a world full of warmth, style and practical elegance!

To the looks

It's a match!

The focus: Pepita

In our current collection we present you an ensemble that focuses on this enchanting pepita pattern. Regardless of whether you choose a turning coat, gloves or a suitable bag, our goal is to give you the opportunity to create a breathtaking, coordinated look.

Heat & comfort

Our must-have for winter

Long quilted coats are the indispensable companions for cold days that combine both style and functionality. These elegant coats range generously over the knee and thus offer soothing warmth and protection against the freezing temperatures that winter brings with it. With an integrated hood, you are the perfect choice to protect yourself from the elements without foregoing elegance and sophistication.

Colorful autumn

Autumn is often shaped by its warm, earthy colors, but who says that we cannot preserve a little summer mood this season? Colorful autumn coats are the perfect way to spice up the gray of autumn with a touch of freshness and liveliness. The classic of the mantle cuts meets the radiant and summer colors that remind us of sunny days and flowering flowers.

Perfect for the transition

Steppwesten are an indispensable piece of clothing for the transition period. With their characteristic, quilted surface, they not only offer a trendy look, but also excellent insulation and heat that are perfect for the changeable conditions of autumn. However, our quilted vests are more than practical; You are a stylish addition to your wardrobe.