Autumn collection 2023

Animal Print

Animal Print is an expression of wildness and a thirst for adventure that has been assisted in fashion for decades. Whether leopard, zebra crossing or snake patterns- these designs capture the essence of the wildlife and bring a certain bold and sensuality into every outfit.

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The animal print is surprisingly versatile and can be integrated into your styling in numerous ways. Wear it as a statement piece, as an accent or even as an overall concept for a brave look. It works equally well in casual ensembles and more elegant outfits.


Autumnal flair

In autumn, Animal Print can bring a warm and earthy touch to her wardrobe. Combine a leopard pattern top with a neutral trousers or a skirt to create an elegant yet comfortable autumn look. You can also wear animal print accessories such as scarves or boots to give your outfit a subtle note.

Casual & Chic