Chinos of La Strada

Our collection of Italian chinos includes a variety of styles and designs that range from classic elegants to casual-modern cuts. In our collection you will find a wide range of chinos.

Discover our selection of chinos for different occasions. For a casual, yet stylish look, we recommend our Slim Fit Chinos, which perfectly fit a loose T-shirt or a blouse and give your outfit a modern touch. They are ideal for a day in the city or a relaxing evening with friends.

If you are looking for an elegant option for the office or formal events, our regular fit chinos are the perfect choice. With your classic fit and high -quality materials, you give you a professional look and are ideal for business meetings or formal occasions.

For a trendy, yet casual look, we also offer high waist chinos that fit perfectly with crop tops or blouses and give your outfit a stylish note. They are ideal for a day in the office or a trip to the city.

For a modern, yet relaxed look, we also offer cropped chinos that fit perfectly with sneakers or sandals and give your outfit a casual note. They are ideal for a day full of activities or a walk in the park.

Regardless of whether you choose a casual leisure look, an elegant office look or a modern street style, our Italian chinos will help you to express your personal style and complete your look.

Discover our selection of Italian chinos now and be enchanted by the beauty and quality of the Italian design. With La Strada Are you always ready to perform stylishly and confidently.