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Summer trend 2023: rope

Summer is a season in which we usually think of light fabrics and cooling designs. In the case of knitting clothes, however, we often think of the colder months of the year. But did you know that summer rope can be the perfect choice for the warmer days? Because knitting can not only be warm and cozy, but also airy and light!

There is nothing better than summer rope! This can come in many different versions - from filigree tops in pastel colors to coarse, open cardigans in bright tones. In terms of style and elegance, the summer rope also offers an enormous range - from simple and elegant to failing and playful.
Transparent knitting oversets appear particularly pretty, which give the outfit a certain lightness and elegance. They can be combined in many ways, whether over a top or over the bikini. For a relaxed and casual look, on the other hand, long -knit jackets are ideal. They give the outfit a casual note and are perfect for mild summer evenings or as an accompaniment to the beach clothing.
If you really want to get the best out of the summer rope, you should definitely rely on airy rope. These are perfect for a day on the beach, a walk in the city or a summer garden party. Summer dresses made of rope are light, airy and offer a perfect balance of comfort and style.
If you are looking for high -quality and stylish knitwear, you will definitely inspire our current collection. Now discover the summer knitting collection of La Strada And find her perfect summer outfit!

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Transparent knit-overturns

The transparent and airy summer knit in different shapes and colors literally screams for vacation and sea. Not only that: thanks to the wide and relaxed fit, the model is extremely comfortable. It is best to style jeans and a delicate top and you will no longer be able to save yourself from compliments.

Long coarse knitted jackets

Groeben cardigans are versatile clothing that are suitable for different occasions. They can be casual, but also elegantly combined and are also a great addition to every wardrobe in the warm season.

Airy rope summer dresses

Knitting clothes are comfortable, but still fashionable. They can vary in different lengths, colors and styles and are therefore applicable in a variety of ways. They are also particularly suitable for cooler days and can be spiced up with different accessories.

Overall, knitting clothes are very versatile and can be produced in many different styles and shapes. It is a great choice for the cooler summer days and can offer protection against wind, while it also looks comfortable and stylish. Knitting clothes are therefore a fantastic all -rounder that is both practical and fashionable. With a large selection of styles and designs, it is easy to find the perfect knitting clothing for every occasion.

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