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Sommerliches Leinen - La Strada

Immerse yourself in the world of linen - timeless elegance and incomparable lightness.

Summer is here and the question of the perfect clothing for hot days is in the room. But don't worry, because clothing from linen is the answer. Linen is a wonderfully pleasant fabric for warm temperatures - breathable and cooling at the same time. It is the ideal choice to wrap yourself in airy and light clothing and enjoy the summer carefree.

What is special about linen? It is not just a fabric, but a statement. A statement of naturalness, comfort and style. Linen offers you added value that you will not find anywhere else. It is breathable, light and perfect for warm days and mild evenings. But that's not all - linen is also sustainable. It is obtained from flax, a plant that naturally needs little water and is very resistant to pests. By wearing linen, you make a sustainable contribution with a renewable raw material.

Clothing made of linen is not only practical, but also a fashionable highlight. From loosely sitting pants to elegant clothes, linen offers a variety of styles. A classic linen dress in neutral colors such as white, beige or gray is timeless and versatile. Linen pants in muted tones such as dark blue or olive green are an excellent choice for summer. Together with a simple T-shirt or a blouse, a casual, elegant look is created. The color palette ranges from classic white to strong tones such as yellow and orange to express your style.

Discover the natural look and the distinctive structure of linen clothing. A great advantage of linen is its versatility - it fits both a relaxed outfit with sandals and a straw pocket as well as a formal event with heel shoes and elegant jewelry.

Linen clothing in summer should not be missing in any wardrobe. Discover our new linen collection in our online shop and our branches. Immerse yourself in the world of linen and be inspired by its incomparable lightness.

Discover summer linen fashion now and be inspired by our Italian linen outfits:

Airy linen dresses

Linen dresses are a great choice for summer because they are comfortable, stylish and super modern. Due to the loose cut and the light fabrics, they look feminine and elegant at the same time. Linen dresses can be combined in many ways - with sandals and large sunglasses for the beach look or with pumps and chic jewelry for festive occasions.

Modern linen blouses

Modern linen blouses are currently very popular and extremely versatile. The natural fabric and the simple design make you perfect for summer. You can wear a linen blouse in neutral colors such as beige or white in the office and a linen blouse in a bright tone fits a summer everyday outfit.

Comfortable linen skirts and pants

Linen skirts and pants are a popular choice, especially in summer due to their pleasant and light fabric.
Due to their airy nature, linen skirts and linen pants offer a high degree of comfort and freedom of movement.
They also fit perfectly with a casual leisure look, but can also be elegantly combined.

Linen is a versatile and comfortable material that is perfect for summer. Whether walking on the beach, picnic in the park or in the office - linen clothing is always a good choice. With a wide selection of colors and shapes, there is the right linen clothing for every taste and opportunity. So if you don't have a linen clothing in your wardrobe yet, you should definitely jump on the train of the summer trend linen!