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Colorful masterpieces in the cloakroom

Summer is a season that inspires us with its warmth and brightness. And when it comes to Italian fashion, there is no better way to capture the joy and feeling of lightness than by beautiful prints and patterns. These designs not only bring cheerful vibes into their outfits, but also reflect the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

One of the classics that should not be missing in any summer wardrobe is the flower pattern. Flower patterns are timeless and feminine and embody the romantic aura of summer. Whether small flowers or large flowers in bright colors - they let us wear the beauty of nature in a very special way. In addition to the classic flowers prints, there are a variety of other exciting prints that are trendy in summer. The animal print is particularly popular again this season. Leopard and zebra patterns give your look a pinch of wildness and ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Of course, we must not forget the geometric patterns. These modern prints are angular and striking and they give their outfits a noble note. A top or pants with a geometric pattern is a great choice for a chic look that still looks playful and fresh. Combine it with simple basics and subtle jewelry to highlight the pattern and to complete your look. Summer is also the time to experiment with colors. Prints and patterns offer a wonderful way to combine different colors and create interesting contrasts. Brave and lively colors such as bright yellow, strong pink or living turquoise can give your outfit a fresh and happy touch. Dare to mix colors and create surprising combinations - summer is the perfect season to be creative and celebrate your personal style.

Experiment with different patterns, combine them with colors and create your unique summer look. Enjoy the sun, freedom and the magic of the warm season and let our Italian prints and patterns take you into a world full of fashion and style.

Discover Italian prints and patterns and be inspired by our looks:

Geometric pattern

Geometric patterns give every outfit a certain sophistication and elegance. Whether on clothes, blouses or pants - these patterns attract attention and give the wearer a touch of exclusivity. The use of geometric patterns on clothing has a long tradition that goes back to ancient Egypt. The precise elaboration and the aesthetic forms create a harmonious look that immediately catches the eye. Square, triangular or circular elements are combined in different ways to create unique patterns. Geometric patterns are timeless and can be worn on various occasions. They are perfect for the office because they embody professionalism and style. At the same time, they can also be worn in free time or on special occasions such as weddings or birthday parties to give a touch of glamor.

Modern prints

A picture says more than a thousand words, it is said. This is no different in fashion. Modern prints that are stunning pictures can leave a very special impression. Whether it is a picture with text elements, abstract works of art or captivating portraits - these prints attract everyone's attention. The interaction of colors, shapes and details allows you to create true masterpieces that awaken to life on clothing. Modern prints on clothing are an exciting way to express individuality and emphasize personality. From breathtaking pictures to inspiring texts with sparkling details, these prints offer endless opportunities for fashion enthusiasts.

Floral pattern

Flower patterns give clothing a touch of elegance, romance and femininity. Floral patterns on clothing are a timeless and versatile element of fashion. Depending on the color selection and size of the flowers, you can easily steer an outfit into different styles. A tender flower pattern on a light summer dress gives a playful and romantic look, while larger flower motifs radiate on a coat or a blazer elegance and sophistication. Wearing floral patterns on clothing enables you to emphasize your personal style and express your personality. Floral patterns are not only popular in the warm summer months, but can also be worn all year round.

Animal Print

Animal prints have been a popular trend in the fashion world for decades. Whether lively leopard pattern, delicate crosswalks or striking tiger strips - animal prints on clothing give every outfit a powerful and wild note. There are many ways to wear and combine animal prints on clothing. An animal pattern gives every outfit a certain sensuality and sophistication. They can be found on various clothing such as clothes, blouses, pants and even shoes. Whether you choose a striking all-over pattern or just a small accent, an animal print attracts everyone's attention.

Ornaments and baroque patterns

Ornaments and baroque patterns have a long story in the fashion industry. Nowadays, these artistic decorations experience a real comeback and are very popular with fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Ornaments on clothing are used to convey a unique visual message. In the world of Italian fashion, ornaments are subtle signs of quality, luxury and sophistication. In addition, they give the clothing a distinctive personality and let them stand out from the crowd. The choice of ornaments and baroque patterns in fashion is the perfect way to embody timeless elegance.

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