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Styleguide: Must Haves for summer vacation

Tips & trends for the perfect holiday

You are sure to find the perfect outfit for a stylish appearance in our summer holiday collection. Whether you're heading to the beach, the city or the mountains, we've got the ideal look for your vacation. Our selection includes trendy dresses, chic two-piece suits and playful jumpsuits. Discover different colors and prints, from soft pastel tones to bold colours.

In this style guide, we give you tips and suggestions on how to dress fashionably for your holiday and which trends are currently popular.

Summer sun beach

Active holiday

On a tour of discovery

Home sweet home

Holiday on the high seas

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    Basic T-Shirt mit Wellensaum - La Strada Basic T-Shirt mit Wellensaum - La Strada
    Basic T-shirt with wave hem
    This basic t-shirt should not be missing in your wardrobe! It has a wavy hem at the bottom and sleeves and can be worn as a basis for various outfits. Combine it with jeans, a skirt or a Pleated trousers and wear it under...
    Longsleeve mit Wellensaum - La Strada Longsleeve mit Wellensaum - La Strada
    Longsleeve with a wave hem
    This classic thin long sleeve is a timeless piece that is perfect for transition. The long sleeve is made of a light and soft fabric that feels comfortable on the skin and at the same time provides sufficient warmth. With its long sleeves, it...
    Basic Top - La Strada Basic Top - La Strada
    Basic Top
    You can't go wrong with this basic top. Thanks to the high viscose content, it is incredibly soft and feels comfortable on the skin. Whether worn underneath or on its own: the top offers endless combination possibilities and should not be missing in any...