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Autumn colors

Herbstliche Farben - La Strada

Autumn variety of colors: Discover the 5 trend colors of La Strada

Autumn unfolds a fascinating color palette that wraps nature into a warm and cozy dress. During this time of year, the surroundings are crossed by gentle, earthy tones, which range from the trees and leaves to the fashionable trends. At La Strada Fashion would like to invite you to be inspired by the autumn variety of colors and integrate it into your wardrobe.

The warm nuances of autumn present a rich selection, from subdued khaki and olive green tones to deep, sensual red and gold accents. These colors radiate a cozy warmth and can be combined harmoniously. A game with different textures and patterns gives your look a dynamic note and underlines the versatility of the autumnal color palette. Not only the visual aspect is in the foreground, but also comfort. Soft materials such as rope create a sensual feel and give every outfit a cozy note. The collection of La Strada Fashion combines Italian sophistication with the current fashion trends to offer you a variety of options that can express the autumn colors in your style.

Let yourself be inspired by the warmth and variety of autumn colors and discover how you can integrate them into your daily wardrobe. At La Strada Fashion we are at your side with a unique collection that translates the timeless beauty of autumn colors into elegant and modern designs. La Strada Present the five trendy trend colors that not only conquer the catwalk, but also transform their wardrobe into a fashionable highlight.

Discover the autumn colors of the La Strada Fashion and be inspired by our Italian pieces:

The warmth of the earth: brown

Immerse yourself in the depth of the brown, a color that merges cosiness and earth ties. This warm tone gives every outfit a timeless sophistication, be it in the form of a cozy sweater, an elegant dress or chic accessory.

Passionate energy: red

Red nuances have a permanent place this autumn, and red is undoubtedly a bright highlight. The powerful color brings passion and energy into harmony. Whether in the form of a midi rock or a stylish blouse, red is the perfect way to give your style an exciting note.

Timeless energy of nature: beige

Fall in love with the naturalness of beige, a color that combines cosiness and elegance. The warm shade is reminiscent of relaxed autumn evenings and gives every piece of clothing a timeless naturalness. A trench coat or a stylish handbag in beige will give your look an unmistakable sophistication.

Happy warmth for autumn: orange

Give your look a pinch of warmth and freshness with orange. This lively color is rich and playful. No matter whether in the form of a knitting dress or a striking accessory - orange gives your look a happy and dynamic note.

Earth colors in their most beautiful form: Khaki

Experience the warmth of Khaki, a color that is reminiscent of the natural nuances of autumn. This tone not only sets a visual statement, but is also an expression of self -confidence and individual style. A coat or sweater in Khaki will let them shine in the crowd.
Upper part with glitter degrees
Light cardigan made of viscose
Light pants made of viscose
Top with glitter degrees
Skinny crinkle pants
Floral palazzo pants
Floral blouse
Wrap blouse with collar

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