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Color Blocking

Color Blocking - La Strada

It's going to be colourful

More is more! That's the motto of the fashion trend color blocking! But what is color blocking anyway? The well-known fashion trend is about dividing your outfit into clearly defined color zones and thus creating an exciting contrast. Color blocking requires courage, because with a well-chosen and bright look you become an absolute eye-catcher! But the trend also works great if you opt for muted tones like brown, black or beige and pair them with bold accessories. Shoes and handbags in blue, yellow, pink or red also achieve an expressive color blocking effect.

Try it step by step. That way you can see if you feel good with this trend. And very important: there is no no-go when it comes to color blocking! Be willing to experiment and try out the different possible combinations! In our collection you will find the right items in bright colors. Try it!

Colourful mix

Light Accents

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