Outfits for a beach vacation from La Strada

The "beach vacation" collection includes airy and light clothing that offer you a pleasant wearing comfort in warm weather. From light summer dresses and loose blouses to comfortable shorts and skirts - the clothes are perfectly tailored to the needs of a beach vacation.

To complete your look, the collection offers a selection of stylish hats that protect you from the sun and give your outfit a trendy note. You will also find a variety of bags that offer enough space for your beach utensils and are fashionable and practical at the same time.

The shoes in the collection are aimed at offering them comfort and style. From comfortable sandals for relaxed beach walks to send flip -flops for a stylish appearance at the pool - the selection is versatile and offers the right footwear for every occasion.

The color palette of the "beach vacation" collection is often shaped by lively and cheerful colors that reflect the relaxed atmosphere of the beach. But there are also subtle and neutral colors that can easily be combined with other clothing.